Chemicals and hazardous products



One of our strengths for more than 20 40 years: the transport of chemicals, dangerous products – or non-dangerous.

Compliance and security, our daily concern

From the production sites, through the ports and to the final destination, each stage of the journey is studied. Our highly security-conscious specialists are in constant contact with the chemical industry to ensure strict compliance with the required security protocols.

Maritime and air transport of hazardous products:

  • Complete containers (dry, reefer, iso-tanks)
  • Groupage / LCL
  • Charter Party Negotiation (liquid or dry)
  • Ship chartering

Conventional Transport and Logistics of Chemicals:

  • Expertise of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG)
  • Coordination of operations with the various stakeholders
  • Storage and supply-chain optimization
  • In-situ logistics activity : storage and optimization of flows directly on your production site
  • Quality control – Packaging – IT monitoring
  • Containerization: stuffing/, setting and securing the goods

Our values

The strength of Joseph River lies in the Human, its expertise but also its commitment to weave a corporate culture, carry and transmit positive values in the daily work. Read More

Our locations

All transport and logistics professions are represented in the Joseph River company. Our teams cover all the main Middle Ease ports. Our offices in Banadr Abbas, Emirates, China and India ensure us an international coverage, expanded by a solid network of agent.